Red isn’t just a color, it’s a state of mind. For long, red has been a symbol of power, passion and sometimes even rebellion. So, we thought, what better way to express timeless empowerment than to design a blazer dipped in bold red.

Edited Blazer Culotte And Blazer Suit Set | Thisher.Style

Colette is a modern double-breasted blazer, which is designed for the bold and fearless. Colette magnetically stands apart from any other blazer not just because of its powerful shade but because of you who adorns it. Dipped in the hues of admiral red, the Colette blazer is designed to complement your strong personality and to accentuate your sense of style at the workplace.

Colette was inspired by the uniforms of high-ranking admirals and officers. It is saturated in admiral red and embellished with golden buttons, to evoke the aura of a leading personality. It is your ideal piece for setting a bold statement at the workspace. Gone are those days when women needed to look and speak like men to be recognized for their abilities and achievements. Designed to enhance your feminine silhouette, the Colette boldly embodies femininity.

Edited Blazer Culotte And Blazer Suit Set | Thisher.Style

Colette is intricately designed with inside flap pockets and foldable sleeves to cater to your work needs and comfort. Crafted from 100% pure wool, it is best suited to keep you warm and relaxed all day long.

Your day doesn’t stop at 5 pm and nor does Colette. From business meetings to casual night outs, the Colette is your style companion, which when combined with trousers, skirts or a single dress expresses your dynamic sense of sophistication and style.

Edited Blazer Culotte And Blazer Suit Set | Thisher.Style