Crafted following the highest tailoring standards

Our blazers are made following the highest tailoring standards created in a factory that produces for luxury brands, retailing their blazers at 3- 5x of a This is HER blazer. A sophistication of craftsmanship and love to detail only afforded by luxury brands that are focused on quality as opposed to cost. We cut down on retail and massive branding making the quality you deserve accessible at a price point that won’t leave your wallet hurting.

Professional Office Blazzers For Woman | Thisisher.Style

Feminine silhouettes, for you to feel like the woman you are

Our blazers are exclusively produced in one of the few female tailoring factories in Portugal. With a history of almost 45 years developing and stitching tailored garments for women, our sewers are able to create complex feminine silhouettes that cannot be produced in regular male tailoring factories.

The This is HER blazer follows a Victorian silhouette that accentuates your waist without suffocating you. At the same time light shoulder pads that are elevated instead of expanded, create a sublime posture as opposed to blazers and suits done in male tailoring factories creating broad, masculine shoulders.

Sophisticated buttoning, for you to stand out, not blend in

Inspired by the embellished designs of the 1990s and the uniforms of high-ranking admirals and officers, all This is HER blazers are double breasted with a strong focus on button detailing. Using natural metal and pearl buttons a once classical piece is turned into your essential armour bridging work and fun, weekday and weekend, desk and dinner

Professional Office Blazzers For Woman | Thisisher.Style

Natural fabrics, for you to move and breath

All This is HER blazers are crafted using mainly natural fibers because like you we know how much better nature feels. Our fabrics are sourced from heritage mills in Italy and Portugal dedicated to the highest quality.

Edited Blazer Culotte And Blazer Suit Set | Thisher.Style

A feeling of tailor made

Our blazers are produced following the highest tailoring standards. No wonder that you feel like you were wearing a tailor made piece made only and specifically for you. Its special silhouette adopts to your body shape allowing you to feel the fit, while not feeling restrained

Pockets for you to store your belongings

Athena Midnight Blue Blazer |Viscose Mix Style Blazers For Ladies | Thisisher.Style

All This is HER blazers are equipped with plenty of pockets for you to store all your belongings so you don‘t have to carry a purse running into your meetings or grabbing lunch.

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