This is HER was born out of the desire to provide female professionals with high-quality  workwear that embraces their authentic femininity. Our mission is to make female professionals feel comfortable with who they are as women, by creating essentials tailored to their femininity. Our range of blazers has been crafted with thoughtful consideration for a woman's journey, allowing her to embrace the woman she is while taking on the world. We believe nothing feels more empowering than being authentic to who you are.

  Our first collection is focusing on a female professional’s most essential wardrobe piece: the This is HER blazer. Our vision is to create a universe of essential pieces for the modern professional woman designed to empower her authentic femininity - not only wardrobe pieces, but pieces for her entire journey. Our signature blazers are only the beginning… 


After years of struggling to find our feminine authenticity in the corporate world, we decided to change the social conception of professional women. Establishing This is HER was more than just a business venture. As it turned out, even tailoring factories were male-dominated industry. From Milan to Turkey, 20 factories across Europe were individually tested and personally checked but only a few lived up to the ethical standards and quality we aspired to deliver in our collection.


We fell in love with a high-ethical standards factory founded in 1976 by a young, brave and passionate woman, who committed herself to manufacturing quality tailored garments for the female customer. Her passion, integrity and dedication to quality is mirrored in how she meticulously runs a 100% quality control.

Back in time, men went on to become tailors and women to become dressmakers. Today, tailoring is still predominantly a male oriented field and, thus, most women’s suits and blazers are crafted by manufacturers specialised in menswear. But with a mission to empower female professionals to be true their authentic femininity, we believe our blazers should not only look feminine, but also be tailored with femininity. And what other place would be better at that than a female founded and run factory exclusively tailoring womenswear?