Making an authentic change

We wanted to change what we as women wear to work so, we took matters into our own hands to establish a new standard in the workplace. This Is HER is founded upon the idea of empowering women to be true to themselves and bring authentic femininity to the workplace. Therefore, authenticity is at the core of every decision we make and every step we take.

Essentials for the long-term

We don’t believe in seasonal collections and fast fashion. Our blazers are timelessly designed with modern female professionals at the center, and sustainably crafted with durable materials sourced from high-quality standards manufacturers in Italy and Portugal. We believe in thoughtfully tailored pieces that fit HER needs and journey from desk to dinner, from weekday to weekend and anywhere in between – and that these pieces should never compromise femininity, functionality nor etiquette. With our meticulous designs and uncompromised quality fabrics, the This Is HER blazer is a wardrobe essential for the long-term: a wardrobe essential you own – not consume.

Creating sustainable essentials through quality and timeless design.

The search for ethical integrity

Our blazers are produced in a female founded and run factory in Portugal. It took us several months and around 20 factory visits all over Europe, before we fell in love with a high-ethical standards factory founded in 1976 by a young, brave and passionate woman, who committed herself to manufacturing quality tailored garments for the female customer. Her passion, integrity and dedication to quality is mirrored in how she meticulously runs a 100% quality control.

Tailoring is not just tailoring

Back in time, men went on to become tailors and women to become dressmakers. Today, tailoring is still predominantly a male oriented field and, thus, most women’s suits and blazers are crafted by manufacturers specialised in menswear. But with a mission to empower female professionals to be true their authentic femininity, we believe our blazers should not only look feminine, but also be tailored with femininity. And what other place would be better at that than a female founded and run factory exclusively tailoring womenswear?